I have chickens and one of them died last night, so I’m dedicating this poem to her. Her name was Sunshine.









Feathers as white as an angel’s,

Eyes bluer than the deep, vast ocean,

Always independent,

And being herself,

A glowing figure in the sunlight,

Pecking at bugs;

The night of the tragedy,

A creature in the shadows,

Approached and found her,

The raccoon struck,

Her feathers burst up in the air…

Now just a ghost,

That lives in the sun,

And in out hearts,

That’s where she got her name.



The Spirit of the Desert


Hey everyone! Sorry i haven’t posted in a while…I wrote this poem for a writing contest, so let me know  if you like it! My inspiration came from when I went to Death Valley… it was an amazing place!


The spirit of the desert,

Was once alive,

He was a boy,

So thirsty and hungry,

When his parents died, no tears to cry,

Just a boy, fate, and sand.


The spirit of the desert,

Still lives but is immortal,

His manifestations of golden sand,

Some say he  rides the wind,

A rush of flow and ease,

The case still unsolved,

Because no one knows,

What happens to you when you follow its direction.


The spirit of the desert,

He can be quite like us,

Because he know when its night and day,

When the sun creeps out of the sky, and its night, he lets out a roar of wind,

The strong, sinister monsoons take your soul to heaven,

Now you know, when you follow it

That’s what happens.


The spirit of the desert,

The monsoon, his only secret,

The dunes kept theirs hidden from him, until…

One told him the last secret,

Spirit will ever get,

Just listen to the traveling sand, and you’ll hear it,

On those dunes that hold all the mystery



Mystery poem of the month: February


The sky saw me say “sup”,

His wind said hello,

And blew my hair up,

Pretty obvious…if your’e a poet!

Have fun figuring it out! : )

the sky and his ghost blow away sadness and soothe the soul

The “I Am” Poem


I am and imaginative girl who loves to write

I wonder if i will be the author and poet i long to be

I hear thoughts and voices and ideas in my head

I see fantasy characters in my head

I want to write about them and show them to the world

I am and imaginative girl who loves to write

I pretend to be writing for a big book company

I feel passionate and creative when i write

I touch the wooden pencil’s edges

I worry about the reaction of people when they read my stories

I cry when i dream about no writing in the world

I am an imaginative girl who loves to write

I understand that it will not be easy to become a good author

I say “I will continue to write for my love for it.”

I dream about my creativity going into my career

I try to make my writing the best it can be

I hope to fulfill my dream and express how i feel through words

I am an imaginative girl who loves to write

I like to write down or draw whats on my mind!


a cloud’s life


happy clouds....

Like big, fluffy bean bags in the sky,

Some say that’s where heaven is,

Now I see why,

If I could live and jump on clouds,

I’d be up there right now!


Sometimes they get angry,

And let out bolts of fury,

They would hit me and I’d come crashing down,

Down, down, down.

Until I reach the ground,

Then I would definitely be  in heaven up there! 

....and unhappy clouds!

the modeling tree


True beauty can't be man made

Still, quiet air

The sun lowers,

As the tree has the floor,

Its sinful silhouette,

Its branches like sculptures,

Reaching out for power,

As it conquers its surrounding sky,

Every detail,

Every moment,

Every movement,

Is a work of art,

As he bows down to the audience.

Our Wonderful God (Haiku)



Inspire us…

With the sounds of nature,

With the sight of life,

With the beauty of Earth.

Guide us…

To the place we were meant to be,

Where happiness flows from waterfalls,

To the place we’ll thrive forever.

Love us…

For who we are,

For what we do,


Most of all

Let us live…

To live our dream

And to live it right